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The Mask

Over the weekend, I watched an old movie, The Mask. It’s about a bashful bank clerk who finds a magical mask that transforms him into a bizarre zoot-suited gangster. Suddenly, he exudes confidence in all that he does.

What about us? We wear masks in our lives too. To protect ourselves from hurts of the past, we have adopted roles to provide us with a sense of security or pretending to be strong. Some of us avoid fun and others become defensive.

We play these roles throughout our adult lives till one day, we realise that they don’t work in our situations anymore.

The mask of pretending to be strong gets outstretched and we break down while trying to take care of loved ones who have fallen ill. Or, we start working over time as an affirmation to ourselves that we are being hardworking and not having fun is the right thing to do. Then, we lose our jobs, and this role becomes invalid in our new development.

It is at such moments, we question.

“How do we become who we are?”

“Do these roles we play work for us anymore?”

“Can we take these masks off and become better persons?”

If you are in these situations and have these questions, you are ready to be the game-changer.

Take this opportunity for a revival of mind, body and soul. Get yourself emotionally healthy, realise your authentic self and engage life with gusto and true confidence.

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