What People Say:

I had a meeting with a teacher yesterday night and applied your inner child concept and it seemed to make some sense to her - why she and her husband think, behave and feel in a certain way.
S. Cheng
Workshop Participant
I was overwhelmed at the start, but in the end, I feel like everything came into place...

It was a really eye-opening experience!
Naomi H.
Workshop Participant
We have learned much about the course and realising our inner child . We would definitely also like our children to attend your course and so that you can help them as well.
C. Chew
Workshop Participant
Thanks for organising the workshop... it was so relaxed, not intimidating like I expected and I have enjoyed it.
L. Chan
Workshop Participant
Thank you for the deep learning today. Had quite a lot of takeaway to know my inner child. Much thanks.
W. L Han
Workshop Participant
A 'wow' discovery of the root of our bruised spirits and how to reconcile to have peace with one's inner self after attending the workshop on "A Revival of Mind, Body and Soul". Shared my learning with friends and family and all agreed that to overcome our challenging emotions is first to be aware of who we are, where we are now and how to get where we want to be. Thanks for the wonderful workshop!
S. Foo
Workshop Participant