Recognising Anxiety in Children and Healing Them

Half-Day Workshop

This workshop is for everyone who has contact with children and to benefit from learning about anxiety in children.

Children are increasingly exposed to traumas such as divorce and family breakdowns, crime and violence, physical and emotional abuses and producing anxiety in many cases. Anxiety in children is an increasing emotional disorder in modern society.

It is difficult to estimate because anxiety is invisible and is often overlooked and untreated because of a widespread belief that it is are harmless and that children will grow out of them.

This is a myth. In fact, prolonged anxiety will diminish physical health, as well as, emotional and social development in children.

Children and adolescents will have learning-impaired issues, behaviour problems and without help, will grow up to anxious adults with medical problems or develop more serious anxiety disorders.

It is therefore imperative that we need to arrest anxiety in children early for a brighter future for them.

Course Objectives

Participants will learn through discussions, reflection and group activities to:

To recognize warning signs of anxiety disorder in children so as to prevent it from becoming an issue in their adulthood.

Develop skills to help children with anxiety.

Who can benefit

Parents, teachers, caregivers, doctors, nurses, professionals who work with children, social workers and people in ministry; working with vulnerable individuals and/or groups. Suitable for participants to share and learn for enriching experience through therapy, group participations and activities.







About the Trainer

Jo Oh, Master of Social Science (Counselling), a counsellor, psychotherapist , course designer (DACE) , ACTA (WDA) trainer and facilitator with experience in helping individuals and families overcome emotional challenges and difficult life circumstances.
Ms Oh conducts courses and workshops on psycho-social and emotional well-being for individuals and organizations’ staff, and also counselling caregivers in managing their loved ones. She volunteered as a counsellor at Breast Cancer Foundation.

Course Outline

Distinguish when anxiety is normal or a disorder in children.

Determine the sources of anxiety in children and how you can help to prevent them.

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