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Good Grief!

I had an extremely rough day at work today. Contractor did not turn up, got scolded for nothing at a business appointment for no fault of mine, and almost got into a car accident.

Ok, as always with so much self-awareness, I reminded myself that all these would pass and should have a good evening and good dinner. I had a drink, and suddenly I felt the loss of my good friends that were, “promoted to glory”; made me yearn for their presence, so I could pour out to them my woes!

I called their mobiles, knowing rationally that they would not be answering the calls. Yet, I called my dear friend, Pat, and of course I received a message that said: ” The Singtel customer you called is not available, Your number would be sent to the customer.”

And I called my brother-in-law, Roy, whom too had gone home with the Lord. And, in awhile, a stranger did call back. It was obvious that his mobile contact has been recycled.

Oh God, how I missed them and how I wished for their listening ears at times as such.

This is grief. After 2 years in between their departure, now, I can’t reach them. I cannot be consoled by them. This is my loss.

Grief has a way with us. It brings up the tender side of us. The tears we shed in grieving, heal us. It makes us human, allows us to get connected with ourselves, and yes, it strengthens us.

Indeed, grief is a complicated process. 

How do we know when it is time to stop grieving? Or should we ever? 

Is grief a necessity in our lives?

Grief is loss. 

A loss through death of a marriage, a loved one, a dream or anything that we hold dearly.

Let’s find peace in grief.

Thank you, grief. I felt consoled as I shared this blog, knowing that someone out there would probably have the same questions and I am comforted in my process of grief.

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