"Helping you to find freedom, peace, and start living without locks."

What We Do

The Mustard Seed Counselling Sanctuary is founded on the basis of one vision:

To Empower Change

We believe in the continuous process of revival in mind, body and soul in order to:

  • Love and enhance individual self-worth and esteem
  • Manage stress and psychosomatic issues leading to poor health and spirit.
  • Recognize the need for change , embrace the change and be empowered for change

We have all experienced at some point where our lives are disrupted suddenly due to sickness, loss of job, loved ones, a divorce, dysfunctional family issues and unexpected situations.

We are stuck by anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness, guilt and being unforgiving.

Such feelings if not managed could trigger intense blockages and rob us of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

These are opportunities to restore the heart of our being, to be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and take control of their lives and to find peace and joy through healing our hurts and forgiveness.

How we can help you

We help you through workshops to learn how to heal a bruised spirit through understanding your wounded self and empower you to manage the uncontrollable in life’s storms.

Style of workshops

Workshops are conducted in a safe environment through facilitation by experienced trainer cum counsellor with participation and contribution from participants to learn and share therapeutically with mutual respect.

  • All the workshops are designed by the trainer, counsellor and psycho-therapist, Ms Jo Oh.
  • Being experienced in counselling and having conducted trainings for caregivers, married couples, family issues, cancer survivors and people in depression, these workshops are meant to equip people with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with their situations.
  • These workshops help participants to discover the root of their issues and to untie their emotional knots in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.
  • Through our guidance, participants will recognize the need for change, embrace the change and be empowered for change
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Workshop Pic 1